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  Homo-Sex Gossip On Big Hero

Though the subject was somewhat ridiculous looking at the opinion of the average Indian and their thinking process, the film 'Dostana' has turned out to be a major hit in the entire circuit. The film has also given John Abraham a brand new lease of life after his spate of movies except 'Dhoom'.

There was this concept of homosexuality involved in this and folks were wondering if John could pull this off and he did it indeed like a true gay. However, this has given rise to many speculations about him and his behavior.
People say that's the reason for his delay in marrying long time girlfriend Bipasha Basu…and on the other hand it seems that Bips is saying to folks that John may be homosexual but she has no qualms as long he is hetero!!! It is about time that John must take things in his hand and create an image for himself so that such things will not be spoken.

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